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Press Inquiries:
  • "Art education was the way that we could hopefully affect more people in the community."

  • Affordable to anyone with $55 in the piggy bank...posters are the collector's gateway drug.

  • This new, LA-based art venture has a pretty simple, and totally vital premise: The Posters makes art both accessible and affordable.

  • Poster Child...Adrian Rosenfeld and Athena Currey launch an artful e-commerce site.


  • The Posters...hopes to challenge that model by offering high-quality prints by artists at reasonable prices.

  • You Can Now Own a Print by Simone Shubuck: the Artist You Never Knew You Loved

  • [Lena Dunham] puts it perfectly: “I love the chance to make a space feel like the inside of your mind.”

  • My go-to accessory for dinner parties is definitely a rolled up poster. I bring them everywhere I go!

  • is thoroughly refreshing for art fans without the means to start a collection of their own to hold a tangible piece of one of their favorite artists.

  • The Posters - a Los Angeles-based company producing offset lithograph prints featuring specially commissioned artworks - is the real deal.

  • Posters are for fans….we decided very early on to make posters with ….anyone we felt was an inspiring figure in culture

  • Lucky for us...The Posters are here to cure our interior itch, and provide us with a philanthropic initiative to propel art education. 

  • Offers excellent posters by emerging and established international artists.

  • Wyatt Kahn describes The Posters as “[…] the perfect solution to current issues of accessibility and experience”

  • The Posters is your new go-to e-commerce platform for exclusive, affordable works by emerging and established artists that support children's art education

  • The modern décor that looks so good in lofts may be just what your space is lacking.

  • A new e-commerce venture that collaborates with artists to create posters that will put your bootleg of “Starry Night” to shame.


  • With art e-commerce sites in full's refreshing to see a new one taking a smarter, more altruistic stance.


  • Score work by top artists for less than a crosstown Uber fare--while giving back to kids in need.

  • Our mega guide to Art Basel Miami...Adrian Rosenfeld and Athena Currey celebrate the launch of The Posters "a postershop for the web"

  • The two art aficionados...are finally offering art enthusiasts a chance to own their very own high-quality artworks... 

  • In a high-priced world of Jeff Koons balloon dogs...The Posters proves that great art doesn't have to cost a fortune.

  • Richly printed lithographic prints...a way of living with art that isn't precious.

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