Chad Pitman

Chad Pitman became fascinated by photography at a young age. His grandfather, who worked in advertising, taught him how persuasive an image could be. Being exposed early on to the iconic and sleek advertisements from the 60’s left an indelible impression on him. Pitman employs the use of bold color, balance and visual manipulation that are used to such effect in advertising. He combines collage and personal appropriation in his work by using his own photographs as a canvas for his painting. His brush strokes are both playful and disruptive, deconstructing the original photograph into something new.

Chad Pitman (b. 1981) has published two books of his work, Valley Pines and Waves Asphalt Light. He cultivated an eye for balance and light early in his career as a photographer in NYC. His process of distorting the image with color, over painting, and collage have landed him in the pages of Vogue, W Magazine, iD, POP, O32c, numero and V Magazine, among others.


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