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Screen Print: 14 x 11"

Gallery Frame: 14 x 11"

Shadowbox Frame: 16 x 13"

Ken Kagami repetitively uses the components of well-known cartoon characters in various distortions and manifestations. In this iteration, the artist has fused two together in a way that is clearly inciting of discomfort or displeasure—based on the frowns depicted on the face—to the characters now sharing one body. The overall effect of the image calls into question the agency of the artist and the life of art outside of its creation. With cartoons, for instance, iconography can grow so far beyond its initial inception that to return such an image to the whims of the artist as art, rather than as popular culture, there is a type of exchange of cultural capital that such a work would have to undergo. Kagami knows this well and factors it into his humorous creations.

Screen print on Royal Sundance felt ultra white 320M paper

Printed in USA

10% of your purchase helps fund art classes for kids

Read more about Ken here

Our FramesWe put as much care into selecting our frames as we do our posters.
We do lots of stuff to keep prices low and quality high. Our custom frames are archival, made of solid wood and always use UV plexi.

Frame Styles in Black or White

Gallery Frame full bleed means framing to the edge of your print.

Shadowbox Frame with a spacer is a method of framing to keep the art fully visible in the frame, edges and all. This gives the illusion the piece is floating within the frame either on a mat or on a foam core lift. A spacer is added to the frame to keep the artwork from touching the plexiglass. When floating, we add 1.5” all around for all art sizes.

When you should expect delivery

Once you place the order we aim to ship completed custom frames in 5 to 7 business days. We send the finished frame by FedEx Ground Delivery. It takes about 2 weeks to create your new frame and deliver it to your door to be hung and enjoyed. Prices include all shipping within the contiguous US and a signature is required. Because each frame is made by hand specifically for every order, we regret we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

Why we use Plexi

We use UV-filtering plexiglass for all frames. Why? Because that is the best option and has become the industry standard. Chances are you will be moving and plexiglass is lighter, scratch-resistant & shatter-resistant. It also provides more UV protection and less-glare than glass. While a bit more expensive than glass, the quality and protection plexiglass offers is so good, most art sellers and galleries are using it and so should you. Our standard UV plexi filters ~ 85-89% of UV and 92% of light.

What we are made of

Our frames are the highest quality, produced by manufacturers here in the U.S.A. Our frames are made from woods like maple, walnut and oak. The mats we use are completely archival: 4-ply, acid free and contain a white core.

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