Mark Gonzales x Curtis Kulig

Mark Gonzales is a professional skateboarder and artist. Originally from California and now living in New York and Paris, Mark has been making art as long as he's been skateboarding. He paints anything he can get his hands on, from old skateboards to fedoras. An avid zine maker, his zines made in collaboration with Harmony Korine can be seen in the 2008 book, "The Collected Fanzines." He has exhibited all over the world and still finds time to skate now and then.

Mark Gonzales (b. 1968) has exhibited at Half Gallery, New York, Janet Borden, New York, Andrew Roth Gallery, New York Kemistry Gallery, London and Last Gallery, Tokyo, among others.

Mark Gonzales is represented by Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York

Curtis Kulig works primarily in painting and photography. Widely known for his iconic "Love Me" campaign, this poetic and impulsive two-word manifesto has been seen on walls and buildings in cities throughout the world. Curtis' close relationships to cities, specifically New York, is seen in his haunting photographs. Each one feels like an intimate portrait whether a person is present or not. The connection between photographer and subject seen is particularly evident in his polariods of frequent collaborator and friend, Mark Gonzales.

Curtis Kulig (b. 1981) work has been seen on products such as Vans Shoes, Smashbox Cosmetics and Obey Clothing. He has exhibited at Mallick Williams Gallery, New York, created an installation for the Ace Hotel in New York and designed a billboard for the Standard Hotel, Los Angeles.

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